lynn ray stanphill

Consultant – Internet Marketing – Website Design – Pianist & Composer – Speaker

Hi, I am Lynn Ray Stanphill and outside my Faith and Family, I have 2 passions:

XEARA - My company which offers Internet Marketing, and Website Design and Development.

The consultant title is really what best describes my style and approach in working with clients, friends and associates. It’s always my goal for each person or company to achieve their maximum – either in business or life.

I can almost always help out and improve a person’s business success with the services I provide or the consultations we have – even on a personal level.

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Eclectic Essence - My music that I have been composing and developing.

I have been composing and arranging my own music for the past 10+ years and am now ready to expand that into not just a solo performance scenario, but a musical project that would involve a number of musicians.

The goal is to be an open musical environment where we practice, record and perform original music, multiple times per month, but mostly focus on an online presence to build a following, and thereby allowing the opportunity to build an online income from producing and performing our music.

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If you play a musical instrument and would be interested in helping develop and perform my music … or if you would like to talk about how I can help your business leads and sales, please give me a call at 214-549-8246, or visit my websites: and to learn more.