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internet marketing

Typical Impact I Make For My Clients

  • 50% or more decrease in advertising expenses on PPC – Pay Per Click ads on Google & MSN
  • 30% – 50% increase in online leads and sales

All Businesses Today Need The Internet

Internet Marketing is fast becoming the number one source to drive new leads and sales for all companies. Even the small mom and pop business on the corner must now use the Internet to reach their potential clients and customers.

Lynn Ray StanphillOnline Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is an ever changing and growing discipline. Successful Internet Marketing involves an “extremely unique” combination of skills, talents and expertise. It takes an extraordinary individual, or group of people, to understand the “technical requirements”, display the “creative writing” ability, and the implementation of “sales and advertising techniques” to create the success you desire.

Advertising and Sales Expertise

With the ultimate goal being “conversions” with most web sites, it doesn’t matter if your definition of conversions is sales, name and email collections, or to encourage phone calls. Without an understanding of the sales process, sales techniques and proper and targeted advertising copy writing, you will never maximize your return on your investment in your online marketing campaigns.

Why I Am Different

My unique background in sales, marketing, print and the many businesses that I have worked in make me unique in the Internet Marketing world. Typically, I can make a HUGE difference in your online success. I have NEVER seen a client that I couldn’t make a significant impact on their profits or their online lead generations.

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