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Programs and Services I use in my business and personal life.


Software for Desktop / Laptop Use



Software / Programming for Website Development


WordPress : FREE – The world’s greatest CMS – Content Management System – I use it exclusively for building business websites. With thousands of plugins available, it is scaleable to any sized business. It even works for small ecommerce applications. 

OpenCart : FREE – If you need a full blown ecommerce system, consider this one.

Cart66 : Basic Version is FREE – Ecommerce / Shopping Cart plugin for WordPress. So easy to use and yet powerful enough to handle most stores that sell less than 50 items.


Desktop Photo / Image Editors

When you look at an image online, do you know which program edited the photo? Do you care if it was a FREE one or one that costs $500? As long as it gets the job done, that’s all that really matters. Given my propensity to be frugal, over time, I have discovered that these image editors will just about do everything you need – And they are generally FREE.





Online Services / Software As A Service

Online Favicon Generator – Upload image and voila!


Any Meeting

AnyMeeting : FREE – Host Your Own Webinars, Online Meetings, Web Conferencing, Video Conferencing, Phone Conferencing – It will even record the meeting for future broadcasts! Only takes about 2 minutes to setup and start using. Click to Visit


ZAMZAR : FREE – Online converter for .pages to anything a Microsoft computer can open and view



Talents, Abilities, Attributes & Personality Traits

Technically Astute

Logical & Methodical

Quick To Learn

Attention to Detail

Trained in Sales Techniques

Success Oriented

Natural Research Capability

Entrepreneurial & Independent

Emotionally Passionate

Musically & Artfully Creative

Socially Compassionate

Financially Conservative

Politically Libertarian

Spiritually Discerning

Orthodox & Evangelical