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Video has become the most important thing you can do to promote and build your business online – outside having a website that is strong in making conversions.

My personal experience with video has been astounding. After shooting the first video that you see on the front page of this website, I noticed a significant increase in online leads and phone calls. I then decided to go back and shoot the rest of the videos for each service that I offer.

I have tried many things to increase a website visitor’s time on site and website conversions:

  • Create better titles and headings
  • Write better copy and bullet points
  • Rebuild the Website with an updated look and feel – new colors and images

All of  these things had small, incremental, positive impact.

But none had the huge impact that adding my videos did.

Professional, quality videos of myself talking about what I do for my clients has made all the difference.

How and Why?

  • Because I took a relaxed approach to the style of the videos – the same I use when working with clients – the real me came across, not some slicked up version of me trying to sell my services.
  • Instead of averaging 1 out of 50 website visits leading to a call, an average for most businesses, I started getting 1 out of 10.
  • I also started averaging 3 sales vs the 1 sale I was doing for the same exact marketing efforts.
  • People started calling me, having already sold themselves on doing business with me. I didn’t have to “close” the sale. In fact, I didn’t even have to meet them in person anymore. If they had watched 2-3 videos, they already felt they knew me and trusted me.
Do you want to really turn up your online business leads and sales?
Contact me today for a consultation about adding video to your online marketing efforts.

Examples of Videos We have Produced for Clients