lynn ray stanphill

Talents, Attributes & Abilities

Musically & Artfully Creative

Trained in Sales by Tom Hopkins & AL Williams

Ability to Learn Most Things Quickly

Logical & Methodical

Quick to Understand a Situation & Provide Solutions

Studied Success Principles for Years

Strong Natural Research Capabilities

Strong Entrepreneurial Mindset

Extreme Attention to Detail

Consultant – Internet Marketing – Website Design – Pianist & Composer – Speaker

30 years of combined experience in life, sales, and business experimentation has brought me to the point where I have found the area of business that I excel at – Internet Marketing.

The Consultant title is really what best describes my style and approach in working with with clients, friends and associates. It’s always my goal for each person or company to achieve their maximum – either in business or life. I can almost always help out and improve a person’s business success with the services I provide or the consultations we have.

If you would like to talk about how I can help your business, please contact me, give me a call at 800-294-2516, or visit my company website – – to learn more.

I have also recently started composing music and playing piano again, after playing in a couple of church praise and worship teams over the last 15 years. Feel free to check out my music – once I get it loaded on the net ….  ;o)